It's Second Hand Darling!

With Mercedes Benz Fashion Weeks on the horizon every fashionista attending has probably been planning her wardrobe for at least the last three months. Mainly who, what & WEAR!

Obvs you don’t want to be seen in last season, but if it’s a couple of seasons ago will anyone notice?! Let’s all get one thing straight, these girls all manage to look soo fabulous whilst scrambling for the FROW because of their fantastic relationships with PRs and designers who offer freebies and incredible press discounts…I’d love to see inside one of these girls wallets, not to see what the purse de jour is, just to see all the discount cards!

So, how can us mere mortals continue to look as stylish and savvy as the fash pack, on a budget and without those precious discounts? I think I’ve found a way.

Last week I was out and about doing some self promotion in Bishop Stortford when I came across this gorgeous shop on the high st called Friends Dress Agency. Standing outside the windows are so inviting, full of beautiful clothes and accessories with a fresh spring vibe…see below


Once inside I was greeted by Whistles dresses, Gucci bags and Ash shoes. Yes that’s right it’s a second hand designer and high end, high st store….And what an absolute gem!

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe with beautiful things at budget busting price tags these types of shops are the places to do it. Not only that, you’ll often find the people who run the shops have such good relationships with their customers they’ll also be able to tell you when they have fab new stuff coming in that will be perfect for you.

This is exactly what I found with Victoria who owns The Dress Agency. They take people’s lovingly worn and used clothes and accessories and sell them on for you. Of course you could try EBay but this is so much easier.

Basically grab some catwalk guides from you favourite fashion magazines and swot up on what’s hot, what’s not and most importantly, what you think will suit you. You’ll be fully armed and ready to hit these treasure troves knowing what key items to purchase.

Not only will this help you get the on trend look you’re lusting after, but with everyone else shopping these looks from high street stores you’re more likely to end up with a bit more of an individual look.

So don’t be shy, check out your local high street and I think you’ll be surprised at what you can find.

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