Back to Back…Pack

That’s right ladies, the new bag du jour is the backpack. We’re not talking the big old rucksacks that you probably carried your school books in, oh no, it’s much sleeker and sophisticated in style.

The trailblazers are of course 3.1 Phillip Lim and Alexander Wang



But if you don’t have a spare £900 to splash there are some great buys to be found on the high street.

I really love this look. I’m a huge fan of the sports luxe style that’s been hanging about for a few seasons, and is set to stay for summer too. It’s simple, easy to wear but offers that high fashion look, which this style of backpack is perfect for.

You may feel like a school kid sticking a backpack on but this look is definitely one that will be seen outside the school gates. Not only are these bags beautiful but seriously practical -uh oh! Did I really just say something could be super stylish and useful at the same time?! It’s not often we get that is it.

Being a mum I understand the importance of having as many hands free as possible, but I also don’t believe that my sons’ nappy bag should double as my handbag…so hey presto, dilemma sorted.

If you’re not yet convinced take a look at some of these beauties currently available on the high street.

Jigsaw £149

ASOS £35

Faith £49

River Island £40

Matt&Nat £79

M&S £89

Accessorize £35

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