Skype Style SOS

How many times have you stood in a changing room wishing that you had a friend with you to give an honest opinion on the outfit you’re about to buy, or panicking when you rummage through your wardrobe hoping to find something in the next 5 minutes because your date is about to knock on the door? Well wish no more, I’m launching a Skype Style SOS service via Not Just a Dress to help ensure these dilemmas are a thing of the past.

Of course you can always ask the store assistant manning the fitting rooms, but generally they will tell you something looks good when in reality it’s far too big, small or not appropriate for the occasion you’re purchasing it for. I’ve seen it so many times myself, I always feel for the person and quite often end up offering advice as another customer who happens to be there at that time!

The Skype Style SOS will offer affordable on the spot style advice. I understand that sometimes budget constraints mean you can’t have a personal shopper on every shopping trip, but if you’re looking for professional, honest advice before you splash your cash this could actually save you time and money.

This service is also great if you’re at home and unable to find anything in your wardrobe. I specialise in helping people put what they already own to better use, so maybe the Skype Style SOS will allow me to see what you have available and how we can put together an outfit that looks brand new. This has worked really well for clients in the past, with friends asking if they’ve just been on a shopping spree!

So don’t hesitate, get in touch if you want to know more about Not Just a Dress new Skype Style SOS.

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