Let Your Legs Do The Talking

I like to keep fit and healthy, I think its important for your body, mind and soul…it also gives you a little leeway when it comes to that bottle of wine at the weekend.

If you’re a regular gym goer its not just your body that gets a workout, it’s your gym kit too! I go to spin, Body Pump and I’m partial to a weekly 90 minute hot yoga class.  Unfortunately for me I’m not one of those girls that just ‘glows’ when they’re working out, I go red, I mean bright red, and sweat – a lot!  All this means I’m constantly on the look out for new bits and pieces to add into my workout wardrobe, if you look good you feel good, so for me there is no better place than the gym to rock a hot outfit.

My current obsession is for loud and proud, patterned leggings. I think this mainly steams from an article that someone mentioned to me about bold print leggings actually making your legs look slimmer than the faithful colour block black version – so now I’m a convert.

I’ve hundreds already, in animal prints, swirls and bright block colours – I’m addicted, and it looks like they are becoming more and more popular.  Of course the prints, patterns and overall look when you’re wearing them are important, but so too is all the technical stuff.  I want to know that the material is going to wear and wash well, that it won’t lose it’s shape and slip down when i’m pounding the treadmill, or worse still, go see through when i’m doing dead-lifts.

One of my favourite brands, Onzie, has been developed by a yogi with over 20 years Bikram yoga experience.  They manage to blend beautiful prints in flattering styles, with free flow technology which ensures you stay cool, dry and comfortable. And late last year I discovered the awesome Mirelle Activewear, their leggings have to be one of the best I’ve worn, offering a thick, breathable and high compression material I don’t keep these confined to the gym, I also make sure I pack them when we go snowboarding in the winter as a base layer.

So step out of the black and into the bright, here’s a round up of my current favs.


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