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The jumpsuit, probably the one item in your wardrobe that men don’t seem to understand but women love and lust after.  I guarantee you always get a compliment from another female when you head out in a jumpsuit.

Over the last few years the jumpsuit has gone from being strictly weekend wear, to an everyday staple. No matter what the top trends of the season are,  you’re sure to find a jumpsuit that will help you achieve the look in just one item of clothing.  This summer military and 70’s have both been key, and you can easily find a khaki boiler suit in H&M, or a bold flared trouser jumpsuit in Zara.


I’m desperately seeking a denim version, and thinking ahead to next season I’m hoping to find something with arms. The jumpsuit I’m dreaming of is a Zara one (of course) which seems to have sold out everywhere, and that just makes me want it even more.  So, I’m resulting to Ebay – wish me luck!

My daytime uniform pretty much always involves a pair of jeans, and as the mum of a busy 2 year old I’m always looking for a casual outfit which doesn’t revolve around my ripped skinnes, that gives me the chance to chase him round the park, whist maintaining my modesty and also looking fairly stylish – hence my love for the jumpsuit.

And whilst most of us have our ‘going out out’ clothes that only ever see the light of day when it’s, well, dark, I would encourage you to try and get more out of the pieces you buy and learn how small styling tricks and some well chosen accessories can take you easily from day to night.  In the summer months team your jumpsuit with your favorite sandals, or for a sporty vibe, the fashionistas’ choice of white trainers, and put a small turn up in the leg.  Then when you hit the town keep the turn up and slip on some killer heels, if you have a collar, pop it, and if the jumpsuit has a button-up front now is the time to be a bit risque and leave a couple undone.  If this leaves you feeling slightly exposed try a huge statement necklace, it’ll help feel like you’re still getting some coverage and look super stylish.

So, with all this in mind here are my current high street favorites, and some gorgeous model shots to give inspiration whether your last minute holiday buying, panicking about what to wear to that summer garden party, or looking to update your off-duty, daytime wardrobe.


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