Which Watch?

I love a beautiful watch!  I just feel that it adds a finishing touch to every outfit.

Watches have also become a lot more accessible, back in the day you might have been passed down an expensive watch through the family, but now its easy to have a silver, gold and even rose gold to match you mood, and your wardrobe.

The most recent trend has been for women to wear men’s watches, or just larger over-sized watches. Obviously if you’re petite or have small wrists you need to be careful that you don’t walk with a limp because your watch is dragging you down, but you can still work this style by choosing wisely.  Pick something with a large yet minimal watch face and a material strap, this won’t look so chunky and heavy, it’ll also be easier to adjust as you won’t need to worry about removing extra links.

Now you’ve got your beautiful big watch what do you wear with it?  I was always told when it comes to accessories you put everything on, then take one things off – this should achieve the perfect amount of accessorising!  But when it comes to the current trend in wrist wear more is most definitely more!  It doesn’t mater whether your style is boho or bling, understated or over the top, you can mix and match bangles, bracelets and braids that’ll enhance and perfect the loook of your timepiece.  Here’s some inspiration (all images courtesy of Pintrest, main image Folli Follie)

And a big watch doesn’t have to mean big bucks, there is such a great selection available now on the high street. A budget of £150 upwards will buy you a really lovely timepiece made by a well known watch specialist, but if you are looking for something purely to create a look you can find amazing stylised watches from as little as £5….I kid you not!

Inspired?  Well now you know what jewellery needs adding to that box, lets take a look at some of the best big, bold watches out there at the moment.


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