Shearling – The Jacket Dreams Are Made Of.

Winter is well and truly here and you’re probably already arms deep into your winter wardrobe, which of course means warm and cosy outerwear.

For me a good winter coat or jacket is a ‘necessary’ purchase pretty much every winter season, there is only one style I’m drooling over this winter and its of the shearling variety.  Luckily for me, and more so my husband, I have an old Topshop version which is about 5 years old and still in pretty good condition, but if money were no object, and dreams really came true, in my wardrobe right now would be the awesome Acne shearling biker, which is gracing the backs of pretty much every fashion industry insider, celebrity stylistas and Insta/blogger in the know.

Thanks to Instagram we can all crush on the daily wardrobe choosings of some stylish women out there, one of my favourites in Gala Gonzalez and here she is rocking the very beautiful Acne jacket i would desperately like to get my grubby hands on!

And if you’re looking for further celeb inspiration, you couldn’t ask for better than fashions darlings Sienna Miller and Olivia Palermo.  I love these pics in particular because one is super cool, slightly gritty and very London, whilst the other is a pretty Park Avenue princess, both a great take on the shearling.

But with big beautiful brands come big scary price tags, and with Acnes’ biker jacket coming in at a cool £2,000 its beyond the realms of most mere mortals, hence me pulling out a trusty old faithful from Toppers!

70’s styling has been huge all through the summer and is set to stay for the winter season, so its easy to cover off two of this seasons hottest looks in only one purchase.  I think its also a jacket that can easily style up or down a look, so whether you’re wearing your weekend casual, or a sexy little something to your Christmas party, this jacket will compliment your look.

And if you’re yet to try a shearling coat for fear of looking like Del Boy, head to the high street right now where you’ll find plenty of ways to wear it in style, and at credit card friendly prices.  Here’s my top picks….

Images via, Harpers Bazaar and on Pinterest

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