A Sucker for Snakeskin

I’m a massive animal lover, of course I mean the cute fluffy kind, but also of the beautiful eye-catching and fashionable pieces of animal and snake print clothing and accessories kind!

Back in the day animal prints, and specifically snake, were not looked upon fondly, mainly because the synthetic materials used to recreate bags and shoes were not fantastic and looked cheap, or you had to be insanely rich and wearing the real thing.  Now the high street can recreate incredible snakeskin accessories, in great textures and colour options – you don’t need to play it safe with grey, why not try blue, pink or even yellow?!

For me adding any kind of animal print can really lift an outfit, and if done in the right way it is possible to mix your prints, colours and textures to give a really high end look….we’re talking more Anna Wintour, less Zoolander.

I understand that for us normal folk this is a fairly full-on look, I’m not sure it would look quite as good on the tube as is does on the FROW.  So, if head to toe snakeskin isn’t your thing, a hint here and there will still help you achieve an on trend look. For me nothing looks cooler then hues of denim blue and pale grey snakeskin in the form or a beautiful bag or pair of boots – which are every on the high street at the moment.

One of my favourite things about snakeskin/prints is no matter what the must-wear trend of the season is, there is always a way to squeeze it into that look.  Take 70’s for instance, a snake print pussy-bow blouse teamed with flared jeans and platforms – instant 70’s glamour. How about Rock n Roll chick?  Well just channel your innner Kate Moss teaming a snake print tee with skinny leather trousers, a blazer and sky scrapper heels.

So there you have it, if you’re looking for a little addition to your wardrobe that will add glamour and help out any tired unloved pieces of clothing you may have been considering for the charity shop pile, you’d be a sucker not to consider a sprinkling of snake print.  Here are my current favourites (hover over image for product info), I’m off to purchase the Next sandals right now…payday and the weekend here INe come!


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