Style Staple – The Shirt.

Classic, minimalist, collarless, sleeveless, over-sized – I’m taking about the humble shirt.

Shirts have become a wardrobe essential for me, a go to item of clothing that can be worn for work or play, desk to dinner (or disco), and all that stuff in-between.

Not long ago the white cotton shirt was only really thought of as part of a working woman’s wardrobe, probably ironed to within an inch of it’s life and a bit stuffy.  Now it’s been elevated to classic, cult status and it’s not hard to see why.  You can easily transcend any of the seasons hottest trends, and can be team your shirt with anything from ripped jeans to a leather pencil skirt.  Just look at these for inspiration (images from Pinterest).

My fail safe shirt is a denim one, actually I have two and both are from the awesome ASOS, a dark denim version and in light of recent events with my growing tummy that is housing baby Stevens no 2, I’ve had to dig out a light washed, maternity shirt, that I would happily wear whilst not pregnant it’s that good!

In the Summer time (when the weather is fine), I love to rock a little double denim look with cut offs and gladiators, but when the sunshine fades and it’s time to layer up I love a big chunky knit over the top of my shirt.  Depending on the neckline of the jumper I do both button up and open collar, but always have a rolled up sleeve with a little denim cuff peeping out the bottom, it’s such a silly little styling trick but it instantly makes an outfit look cool.  I’m forever pushing up the sleeves on clients jumpers, blazers, leather jackets and shirts!  Just take a look at the way this J Crew beauty is put together, it’s just two items, a shirt and a skirt, but the styling of it takes things to another level.

J crew Pinterest

So step of of the office and experiment with some styling, I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly a shirt will become your new wardrobe hero. Here’s my hot picks right now.

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