Putting Your Best Foot Forward.

There’s a twitching in my feet, yep they are crying out to be set free from big black biker boots and into something a little more lightweight.  Of course it’s far too early to be considering sandals, although I’m always pedi ready – just in case.

What I have been looking at and lusting over on Vestiaire Collective is a pair of espadrilles.  Ok, so they’re not exactly the newest footwear fashion on the block and they my conjure up images of your parents wearing them back in the day, but since last summer and the magic touch of Chanel, hotly followed by just about every other high end designer out there, they’ve had a make-over of sorts and are now hot to trot.

(All images via Pinterest)

I’ve been agonising over a pair of Celine bright orange beauties, not sure the credit card can take it at the moment what with baby no 2 on the way and plenty still to do in the house before bubs arrival in June, but seeing as my trotters don’t go in anything with a heel higher than a pair of slippers at the moment I basically need them….right?!

So, if like me and your feet are desperate for an airing, have a little look at the variations our fabulous high street stores are offering for the spring/summer season, there are some serious contenders for high end looky-likes!

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