Getting Shirty

It’s funny where blogging inspo comes from.  Friday’s post is thanks to one of my best friends who asked if I’d seen any lovely shirt dresses recently, and it got me thinking about what a versatile little piece the shirt dress really is.

At this time of year we start to get hints that warm weather is on it’s way and we’re desperate to shed those layers and embrace something more spring like, but the moment you do the winds will pick up and the rain will reappear, making you and everybody you see wonder if you caught the weather forecast that morning.  So is a cleverly style shirt dress the key to transitional dressing?

If you buy wisely it’ll be an item of clothing that will see you through pretty much all seasons. In the winter you can layer up with thermals and a chunky knit, but it will also be the perfect bikini cover up and teamed with denim cut-offs will take you straight from beach to bar.

And if you’re not a slave to fashion THE shirt dress can easily be on trend without you realising, maybe because it’s stripy or has a bold floral print, it has a 50’s cut or is completely androgynous.  Not only that but you  team with trainers, sandals, boots, heels – I don’t really need to go on, I know you get the picture.

(All inspo images via Pinterest)

You may already have a shirt dress lurking in the depths of your wardrobe, if you do some clever styling can bring it bang up to date, we’re talking buttons undone, changing the belt and adding further accessories. If you don’t have one no need to get shirty (sorry) and feel like you’re missing out, here’s my high street hottest.


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