Slippin’ and Sliding

Hello Friday, although I’m not feeling so welcoming toward this horrible rain.  It’s weather like this that gets you dreaming about that far flung holiday you have booked, or should get booking.  The next logical thing to start thinking about once that’s sorted is the holiday wardrobe, and today I’m specifically talking footwear.

If you haven’t already traded your trusty Havaianas for a pair of slides or sliders (it can get confusing because a slider is also a mini burger, not what you need when talking holidays)  I’m pretty sure you soon will.

I know some of you are not yet convinced probably because your Dad used to wear Birkenstocks (possibly even with socks) when you were younger, or your other half may have a pair of the original Nike or Adidas slides that you actually despise, but trust me, both your other half and your Dad were way ahead of the fashion forecast…Just take a look below.

Ohhhh I need those Givenchys’ in my life…hint hint (Birthday in July)

There are two ways to wear this look and both definitely need a pedicure after a long winter of being tucked up boots! If you like the Sports Luxe vibe go for the old skool styles, and yes that means copying your partner and choosing the sports brands.  But if you can’t do block black or stripes there are now bold bright versions with palm prints and even cheetah prints….grrrrr!

If you prefer something with more of a feminine edge look to the softer espadrille styles, a less chunky sole and metallic details.  Either way I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the swap as it offers comfort and style – Double Whammy!

Let’s see what the high street has to offer right now.




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