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It’s Wednesday, yes that’s the dreaded ‘hump day’, but hey, it’s mid-week and the glorious sun has got it’s hat on.  Now before we all get too excited the forecast is not great for the rest of the week, but I guarantee the last couple of days with that bright ball of yellow stuff in the sky has had you reaching for a pair of sunnies…Hence today’s blog.

Sunglasses for me are not just summer accessory, more of an all year round necessity, s0 much so my husband calls me Wacko, as in Michael Jackson, who wore sunglasses – a lot!

With this in mind I scour the high street and designer outlet stores for out-of-season bargain purchases.  TK Maxx is one of my favourite haunts and I have managed to find myself Valentino, Stella McCartney and Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses here – what a winner.  But of course early spring is the time when you will find a much wider selection of shapes, styles and colours, with the high street will be ripping off the catwalk looks left, right and center, just wait till you see what Primark has to offer.

If you are considering some new specs for summer but are unsure as to which direction to go have a look at some of the SS16 and FW16 catwalk offerings.

(All images via Pinterest)

You’ve got a bit of everything there, from wild and wacky or cats eye to coloured and over-sized round lenses.  If you’re investing in a designer pair it’s probably safer to go with something classic rather than trend led, obviously you get wear out of them season after season, but if it’s a gift or just a special splurge push the boat out and try something new.

The Chloe huge circle lenses have been a massive hit with the ‘fash pack’ and this has filtered through to the high street, allowing us mere mortals to achieve a high end catwalk look on a show string budget

With all this in mind here’s a few of my favourites ranging from £1 – £200.

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