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It’s almost the weekend, that’s right peps we’ve made it through another crazy week.  It passed in a bit of  blur for me, although I do remember the sunshine at some point, shame it never lasts!

One part of my week that sticks clearly in my mind was speaking to an incredible Mum who juggles bringing up a brood of three, aged 1, 11 and 12, along with designing and making some beautiful bespoke bracelets…Phew!

Now I’m a self-confessed magpie and I’m drawn to anything that is big, bold and shiny, but for me jewellery also has to be personal.  It might tell a story about you or mark a special occasion, and not only is it there to compliment your outfit but it can quite often become a conversational piece.

Jess from Aceci Bracelets is someone you just take a liking to instantly, she has that aurora thing going on and you can’t help but be drawn into her.  For me this is what makes the bracelets she produces so wonderful.  She’s creative in her own right an on hand throughout her bracelet design process to give input, but is all ears when it comes to her customers and customising their precious new purchase.  Jess seems to really get a sense for the people she is designing for, and speaking from my own experience, added another level to my bracelet to help mark my special milestones (see below).

I’ve know Jess for many years, but it was only recently that I learnt about her business which she started after going on maternity following the birth of her son, Cesar. I’m so impressed with her drive and enthusiasm for the business, alongside the way she balances this with being a mum and the fact that her jewellery is just gorgeous!

Want to know more, here’s a Q&A with the busy lady herself:

What inspired you to start Aceci Bracelets?
Since a child I loved being creative and making pretty things. I invested a lot of time sewing tiny beads onto fabric to make beautiful patterns, making wedding bouquets out of amazing vintage brooches, anything that create something beautiful to look at but never had the confidence to put it out there.
My bracelets began last year when i saw a model with an armful of silver bracelets and thought “I could make that”.  With encouragement from my Husband I shared it on my Facebook page, and I have been making them ever since.   I’m completely humbled by the response and shear number of orders that I have had.

How did you come up with the beautiful Aceci name?
As my bracelet orders kept coming I realised they needed a name. I found this hard but looked around for some inspiration, infront of me were my 3 lovely children, Ava, Cesar & Marci.
The name Aceci was born, a perfect merge of my children’s names.

How do you and your customers collaborate to create a bracelet?
I can honestly say that I have loved making every single one of my customers bracelets. People have been sold by the idea of each one being unique and the fact they have sentiment. Usually charms are chosen that represent a lost loved one, children’s initials and things that really reflect their personality. If I don’t already have the charms then I will do my very best to source them. Obviously they follow the same pattern but I will never repeat a design. The different beads and charms mean each one is bespoke and a one-off.

Tell us a little more about you.
I finally married my partner of 9 years 4 years ago, we have three beautiful children. Two girls 11 & 12 and a little boy who is just about to turn 1!  Before maternity leave I worked as Sales Manager at a bridal boutique and loved it.  I enjoy working hard but always wanted to work for myself and still enjoy being a mum.  Aceci has given me the opportunity to bring up my son at home, without having to put him in nursery and most importantly I have found a job that I love. Every bracelet tells a story about the wearer.  To be able to make that and bring people joy is an honour.  I am proud of what I have achieved so far and this is only the beginning.

Where can we find you?Up till now all of my orders have been through my Facebook page or recommendations, so I have now set up a website and recently opened an Etsy shop.   I can be contacted through any of these means and start discussing design requirements.  I can post worldwide and have just completed my first international order to Australia!

What you like doing when not working?
I like to relax by the sea. I’m not far from the Essex Coast so can be on a beach within 15 minutes!  I fell in love with Italy after honeymooning on the Amalfi Coast.  My husband and I try and go back as often as we can.  I love Italian culture and cuisine so can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  Otherwise I spend time with friends and family, and still have a huge passion for weddings so I’m currently also studying to be a Wedding Planner.

What’s next for Aceci Bracelets?
I would love to try some bracelets in gold and rose gold – I think they would look stunning.  I’m also working on ideas to add colour by using turquoise stars, brightly coloured beads & pearls in time for the festival season.  I would also love to make them in sterling silver but I think that part of the positive response I’ve had with them is that they are affordable whilst designing a custom made piece of jewellery at a high street price.

Want to know more? Well you can get in touch with Jess in many ways

her website is,

she is also on Facebook at 

and lastly on Etsy at

Have a lovely weekend.


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