The LRD – Little Red Dress

So we’ve had the LBD, I think everyone has a special little black number in their wardrobe. We’ve also had the LWD – the little white dress, slightly harder to wear than its darker counterpart but equally as beautiful, and now we have another addition to the family, yes the little red dress, also known as the LRD – natch!

You would have to be colour blind not to have notice this flirty little number, they are all over the high street and every online retailer has an extensive selection too.  Of course red is a daring colour, many people shy away from it and not just because they can’t bear the ‘lady in red’ jokes, but because it makes a bold statement.

Red is actually a great choice of colour for well, everyone, regardless of what you might think about hair colours or skin tone.  It’s a bit like hunting down that perfect shade of red lipstick – there is one out there for everyone.

Where a LBD may some times feel very formal, an LRD can match your occasion be it formal or casual, you’ll see what I mean below, we’re talking cotton, lace, bodycon, maxi, floaty – it’s a red sea of endless options.


Can you see how much gorgeousness is out there right now?  I’m just a little bit in love with the pleated Hobbs maxi and the casual vibe of the silk tie neck from from Boden who, pardon the pun, are just on fire at the moment!  And although my personal favs are a little on the pricey side there is most definitely something for every budget.  Just check out H&M , this dress is only £14.99 and has been a massive hit after featuring in their summer campaign, it’s got all the hottest trends in one item, we’er talking off the shoulder, tassels and red –  it would be rude not to buy really.



Of course people will see you coming but who doesn’t want to stand out in a crowd sometimes, and beautiful, bold red is fashions hottest way to do it.

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