Feeling a Little Ropey

Sometimes it’s the little details on clothing that really catch your eye and make a more impactful statement than you think possible. Last summer I bought the most simple looking stripe dress from Zara, it was about £20-25, but the thing that elevated it and made it feel much more expensive, and the main focus of the compliments I received, was the rope detail straps.

There is of course something very nautical about rope details on clothing, especially if it’s teamed with stripes, but it can also bring a tribal element when used in jewellery or footwear, and for me a simple rope belt can be the sophisticated finishing touch to any elegant outfit. Just look at the below and variety of looks that can be achieved.

(All images via Pinterest)

The first couple of images in that montage (green and yellow outfits) are from previous Balmain collections.  When Balmain teamed up with H&M last year for one of the hottest high street/designer collabos ever, it was also a look they recreated for us mere fashion mortals.  You can probably still track pieces down on Ebay if you’re prepared to pay the inflated prices.

Another catwalk fav of mine, Isabel Marant, uses rope detailing on footwear, from ankle tie flats to chunky heels, or as a belt to cinch in the waist on a over-sized sleeveless jacket and tunic style dresses – this is my preferred way to wear.  I’m currently lusting over a little ASOS number that mirrors this Marant style so perfectly, but probably not right now with a big old baby bump!

So if you’re looking to give an old dress a new lease of life with cool accessories, or just treat yourself to something new, maybe these high street offerings aren’t as ‘ropey’ are you’d think.

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