The Kate Effect

Those of you who know me well know of my obsession with Kate Moss.  For me she is the ultimate style icon and this was clearly apparent on the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival this week.  It’s the first time she’s been back on the red carpet in Cannes since 2011 and Mossy was rocking the most incredible vintage Halston Heritage, one shoulder red dress.

What I love about Kate’s style is that her look is incredibly easy to achieve, even on a high street budget.  Of course she has unlimited access to virtually any and every fashion brand in the world but her look is most definitely her own -effortlessly cool, laid back and probably one of the most sort after and loving imitated styles.

(Images via Popsugar, Vanity Fair and Eonline!)

So feeling inspired by Kate’s wonderful one shoulder number I’ve been scouring the high street and online stores to bring you some options if you want to try the one shoulder look too.  It’s a great alternative if you struggle to do the full off-shoulder tops and dresses, which is of course the ‘look du jour’.  Maybe you have bigger boobs or just don’t feel comfortable in a strapless bra, well this is a great alternative whether you want high octane glamour or cool casual day wear.

If you want to buy something very similar to what Kate wore in Cannes check out this eye-catching number from BCBG

It’s an incredible ‘get the look’ option, but more than that, it’s a beautiful dress in its own right and is available in red, black or blue.  It’s super simple, which I LOVE, and it means there is lots of opportunity to add your own spin on the dress with fab accessories and footwear.

And here’s my best of the rest whatever the occasion you’re dressing for.


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