Green With Envy

Green! A colour you may or may not be keen on, but if it has just a hint of khaki it suddenly becomes much easier, and cooler, to wear.

Obviously today’s post has been inspired by my recent  River Island purchase, come over to Instagram @notjustadress and see my fab khaki skinny jeans, but I also have a pair of cargo style pants from Zara that I love and find easy to dress up or down depending on occasion and of course the British weather.  This style of  utilitarian trouser is always what springs to mind when khaki and pant are mentioned in the same sentence, but just take a look at the below to see the variations on a khaki pant.

(All images via Pinterest)

Maybe you’ve never attempted a khaki trouser for fear of it looking to casual, but the above show how easy it is to smarten up this look by teaming with a heel and a blazer….easy peasy right?!  Or why not play with textures and choose a fabric like velvet in a murky green?  Not an obvious choice but surprisingly stylish and so on trend for this autumn.

Khaki also gives you a nod to this seasons’ military trend without being overtly obvious in a piece of clothing that will be worn as part of your wardrobe regardless of season.

Go on, give green a go.

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