Casual Vibes

One style I get asked about (a lot) when I help clients with their wardrobe is how to put together a casual look. I think it’s a look people struggle with because it should be easy breezy to throw on something casual, but in reality it can be one of the hardest. How much casual is too much, i.e lazy sofa Sunday style, or when is it appropriate and when is it not?

A gorgeous client I worked with recently told me she just couldn’t nail a casual style.  She did smart/corporate so well, but when it came to the weekend was struggling and always felt overdressed when just hanging out if friends..She even said she didn’t have any clothes that were right for creating this look.  One swift sift through her rails and she actually had plenty and much more than she had realised.

So, it’s not always about having the right pieces but how you put together and wear the pieces you have.  We’re talking simple tricks, a turn up in your trousers or a pushed up sleeve – it can honestly be that easy.  Just take a look at some casual style inspo below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Did you spy things in there that you have in your wardrobe?  And did you see how to mix up items deemed as ‘dressy’ with trainers and a slogan tee for the ultimate in cool casual?

As a busy mum this is my forever go-to style.  It works for any occasion, school run – check, food shop – check, lunch with the girls – check.  You can keep the casual vibe but dress it up for a night out just by swapping your trainers for heels.

Maybe the pics you’ve seen above are enough to inspire you to get your casual groove on, but if you still feel in need of some newness that’ll complete that casual look take a peak below at some awesome high street offerings.


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