Underwear Overhaul

Underwear! There are two times in a year when most people buy underwear whether that’s for yourself or for another.  The first is obviously Christmas, cue the obligatory socks and pants stocking fillers, the second is of course Valentines Day, which is slowly creeping up on us.

Underwear for me is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and I prefer to spend my money on items that people actually get to see, but with the whole underwear as outerwear staying firmly put maybe it’s time to embrace my inner Victoria’s Angel.

(All images via Pinterest)

Having had two babies, one via c-section and still only 7 months old, my body is changing – a lot! Some of the changes I know will never go back but that’s OK I’ve just got to learn to work with them.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to get myself to baby No 3, but the underwear draw definitely needs an overhaul.  I only have one set that actually matches, other than than it’s t-shirt bras and plain black cottons thongs….sorry TMI, but this overhaul is for me, not him and just happens to coincide with Valentines, which is lucky as there is a huge selection of lovely lingerie available.

As I mentioned above, underwear as outerwear is still hot as hell, so take it as an opportunity to buy something a bit sexy that you might not have looked at twice and wear it as part of your outfit, for show.  But there is a lot to be said for a well fitting, comfortable and simple bra and knicker set, I know where I’ll be spending my money, sorry hubs!

Here’s a few of my favs from the pretty to plain and even practical.




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