Best dressed wedding Guest

I love a wedding, who doesn’t?  The feeling that love is in the air, a chance to catch up with family and friends, old and new, not to mention the opportunity to get dressed up in something a bit special.  Of course there’s the worries about who, what and wear, the dreaded faux pas of turning up in the same outfit as someone else (I’ve done it before, you’ve just got to laugh and own it), but it doesn’t need to be stressful, or costly if you plan in advance.

We have three fabulous weddings to attend this year and I can not wait, mainly just to be child free with a glass of fizz in hand!  Luckily our weddings are with different groups of friends so I can get away with ‘recycling’ a couple of dresses that have previous wedding history. Being a guest can be expensive, so if you have the chance to rock out a dress you’ve already invested in then do it.  Of course we all like something new to wear, but that can come from new accessories to change up the look from the first time you wore it.

You tend to get quite a bit of notice if you’re attending the whole day so use this time to start looking for an outfit as soon as you can, it’s one of the best ways to avoid turning up in the same dress as someone else, the likelihood of a dress you bought months ago still hanging around the shops just a couple of weeks before the wedding is slim.

A couple of tips, only the bride wears white, black is chic and totally acceptable and try to find out what colour the bridesmaids are wearing, nobody wants to look like an extra and everyone will notice.

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So if you’re diary is filling up fast and you intend on being the best dressed wedding guest it’s time to start shopping.  Make the most of the final sale rails, especially if you have weddings later in the year and will need something a little more autumn/winter to offer some warmth, churches can be cold remember.

In need of direction or inspiration?  Here’s a selection that caught my eye – maybe I do need a new outfit after all.


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