Girl Gang

When you put an outfit on how often does your other half pull a funny face?  Do you know the one?  The slightly turned up nose, the furrowed brow and almost a smirk that you’ve got it so wrong and he thinks he knows better!  It’s fairly common in our household, I’m immune to it now.  My other half thinks his style is ‘classic’ i.e black, white or grey tee on rotation with jeans and Vans, don’t get me wrong he looks good but it’s not classic, or groundbreaking!  I’m not pushing great fashion boundaries but he likes to say that I mix too many trends at once, that I don’t know when enough is enough, but what’s important to me is feeling good about myself, and if I think I look good then I know I’ll feel good.

Que the rise of women who dress for women, sisters doing it for themselves and one of the most recognisable is Man Repeller  If you’ve yet to come across Leandra Medine check her out on Instagram or the blog link above. What started as a woman who wore incredible clothes that men obviously couldn’t get their heads around, is now an award winning multi media business that encompasses fashion, culture, beauty, relationships – it goes on!  Take a peak below at just some of her awesome outfit inspo.

(All images via Pinterest)

Now I’m not saying that I purposely go out of my way to wear clothes I know the hubs will hate, of course it’s nice when he dishes out the compliments, but lots of us are now making fashion choices that are far more appealing to the fairer sex, and we like what we see.  I posted an outfit on Instagram yesterday that my other half made very clear was not to his taste, 10 minutes later the lovely ladies of Insta were showing their love for my look, and for my middle finger to his opinion.

So be brave, take his smirk on the chin and trust your judgement on what you’re wearing. It’s your choice and you know you’ll be getting support from your local girl gang. He’ll get used to it and if he doesn’t, you didn’t ask for his advice anyway…. Here’s a couple of my outfits that always get ‘the smirk’.


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