Sock it to 'em

Socks! Not the most exciting item of fashion, well not in my mind and I don’t mind telling you that my sock draw is absolutely terrible!  The last time I had new pair of socks was courtesy my friend (thank you Annabelle) on the Accessories Buying Team.  That was in my last role before I had my first baby!  That’s, ahem, three and a half years ago!

Whilst at soft play this week I was trying to take an arty pic #FWIS  (From Where I Stand if you don’t do hashtags) with the kids at my feet. Instead I captured a glimpse of how utterly disgusting my socks are, a complete and utter embarrassment.  I’m talking faded, threadbare, holey heels and to top it off, the colour and patterns are unmentionable, or they had faded so much I just couldn’t make them out anymore.

Socks are having a moment.  It’s super cool to wear socks and sandals, not that awful look Dad’s sometimes rock on holiday but heeled sandals, or ankle boots, or trainers – basically anything goes.  At this time of year when it’s still slightly too cold for your ankles to be swinging about, a little sock goes a long way.

Take a look below at how the style set sock it out.

(All images via Pinterest)

Are you surprised at the selection?  Wool, cotton, print, plain, sheer, lace, knee high! The options are endless and it’s one of the cheapest, easiest cheats to looking super chic.

Fancy giving it a go or just tired of having cold ankles?  You can sock it to ’em in any of these super socks from our fabulous high street.

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