Utilitarian Chic- Practical not Attractive

There are some trends that you just gravitate towards, a bit like people I suppose?  I had the most amazing experience on Saturday, meeting up with a group of like-minded lovelies who have only ever spoken to each other via social media before last weekend.  For all the what ifs, should I go, shouldn’t I go that all of us felt, it was one of the best (and bravest) things we had all done in a while.  It also got me pumped about putting myself out there a bit more, that’s girl power right there!

Right, back to the fluffy fashion stuff, phew I hear you cry!  Every season there is always a list as long a Missoni scarf of the big trends, but there is one look that seems to transcend seasons, making it worthwhile to invest with some key items that you know will last you.  I’m talking Utilitarian.

By definition utilitarian is ‘designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive’ but take a look at some of the below ‘inspo’ pics and tell me that you don’t think this is extremely attractive, and crosses over nicely with military styling.

(All images via Pinterest)

These images show how easily the lines blur between utilitarian and military.  If we’re talking military you think navy, black and khaki with epaulettes, buttons etc – a bit more fuss.  Utilitarian is stripped back, but with functional elements, pockets, zips, belts and the colour palette is often lighter with whites, sands thrown in the mix.

The fact everything is quite neutral makes it easy to buy items and wear them throughout the year.  Take an over-sized, pocket detail shirt, in the winter you layer it up, collar buttoned up underneath your knitwear, in the summer you wear it with paper-bag style shorts or trousers, even take it on hols and wear it over a bikini…see this trend is that versatile and worth spending a bit more money on good quality items that are going to last.

High street stores like Gap and Uniqlo have the utilitarian style down, but there is so much on offer this spring you’ll be spoilt for choice.  Have a look at some of my favourites below.


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