Secret Shopper

Hello, my name is Josie and I’m a secret shopper!  There, it’s out there, I’ve said it, I just hope the hubs is too busy today to read this post.  To be completely honest we are all secret shoppers at some point, don’t tell me that you haven’t given him the old ‘What?  This old thing?  No I’ve had it ages’ line, some of us more than others (guilty as charged your honor) but I can think of worse things to embellish on.

Do you think it’s in a woman’s nature to not tell the truth about a new purchase?  Even when the boys know we’re off out for shopping purposes, we still come home and struggle to tell the truth!  Maybe it’s because we buy more than we were meant to, or maybe it’s just for an easy life, but it’s not really is it?  Dishing out the same old excuse every time we don a new outfit whilst trying to ovoid full eye contact.

I used to work in Fashion PR and we used to get lots of freebies, plus the sample sales were insane!  We all had friends who worked for different companies and used to do ‘swapsies’, it was the best currency.  I not only kitted out myself but the hubs, best mates, best mates hubs, mum, brother – you name them, if you knew me you probably at some point received something from ‘the cupboard’.  Once I moved jobs and the samples stopped I missed the newness in my wardrobe and the only way of adding to it was via real shopping, that needs paying for with real money….Like I didn’t realise that!

With social media now it’s not so easy to get away with lots of sly purchases, my hubs has me on his Insta notifications and quite often comments on something he believes is a new purchase.  Every now and then he’s wrong but more often than not he’s right and I’ve been secret shopping, again.

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