Saturday night Style

Last Saturday I had a date in my diary that I’d been looking forward to for ages, brunch with the girls. Now, knowing this afternoon rendez vous would involve lots of mimosas, it was also more than likely to turn from early afternoon date into evening of fun and of course it did, which meant we ended up in a club!  We got asked for I.D, not because we were lucky enough for our age to be in question, but seeing those numbers flash up on the screen did make me think, what am I doing and what am I wearing?!

Obviously Saturday night is a big night out and a big night for getting dressed up, when I was younger it was an important part of the weekend for me, but now my style (and need for sleep) has changed.  Since hitting the 30’s I’m much more confident and brave with my choice of clothing, this was really apparent on Saturday night where we were surrounded by a sea of bandage dresses and sky scrapper heels.  Of course there is nothing wrong with what the other girls were wearing, but me in my denim dungarees, H&M khaki shirt and ankle boots were having much more fun, mainly due to the fact I was actually able to get a proper groove on.  Take a look at some of the below ways to wear your wardrobe for a less obvious but still super stylish Saturday night.

(All images via Pinterest)

It got me thinking how much emphasis we put on going out and getting dressed up, but when you’re younger you dress for different reasons, and people.  I’m married with kids so obviously not trying to attract attention from the opposite sex, although it’s nice to get the odd compliment, so I dress for me and for my girls (I like them to think I look nice) which actually gives me more confidence because I’m relaxed and comfortable in what I’m wearing.  You can’t really be comfortable when you’re constantly pulling your top up and your bottom half down whilst trying to balance on stilts -we’ve all been there and I know I’m much happier and more stylish now I’ve a few more years under my belt.   Looks like some good stuff does come with the extra years then.

On that note, here’s some lovely stuff that I think is perfect for a Saturday night out out when you’re not 18 anymore!


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