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Stripes, I’m not talking any old stripe but specifically the breton stripe.  I’ve written a couple of stripe focused posts in the past which have been driven by the trend for big, bold stripes in varying colours and sizes, you can read the most recent here Stripe Hype if you want, but for now we’re back to bretons.

Saturday morning I was in the bathroom doing my daily #ootd (outfit of the day) pic, of course in standard weekend wear, my breton stripe top from T by Alexander Wang, that I actually picked up in TK Maxx – love a bargain, and J Brand jeans.  Once posted on Instagram I noticed a few of my Insta lovelies were also rocking out a breton stripe as part of their weekend wardrobe.  It got me thinking how many of us have a lot of love for the breton stripe, whether its a t-shirt, jumper, dress, anything really, and that it’s quite possibly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing we own.

I personaly love that you can clash a breton not just with prints and colours, but mixed in with evening wear instead of your usual day wear.  Worn like this looks ridiculously cool, you really have to own it to pull it off, but if you’re brave enough to embrace it the final look is a beautiful mix. Take a look at the inspo images below showing you day to night and everything in-between.

(All images via Pinterest)

I love my breton with a good dose of camo or animal print, but honestly, anything goes. Breton and blazer, breton and sequins, breton and jeans (blue, black, white), breton and heels, breton and trainers….you see what I mean.  Is there a combo there you’ve yet to try?

So, the question is how do you do yours and is it time to mix things up?  If you’re looking for a new addition to your breton wardrobe (there is always room for one more) then here’s some of my favs.


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