How to do Dungarees

How to do dungarees.  Do you even ‘do’ dungarees?  If you don’t you really are missing out, honestly, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  I was skeptical at first because I ‘did’ dungarees the first time around, I’m talking before I was 10 years old, probably more like 5 years old, but they are now firmly part of my everyday, any occasion wardrobe.

I recently bagged myself a pair in the Primark sale for £10, I mean how can you even resist at that price?!  If they look awful you just pop them in the charity shop bag, but thankfully they didn’t and I literally get asked where I bought them everytime I wear them – and I wear them with EVERYTHING!

Take a peak below at how the style set style their very grown up dungarees.

(All images via Pinterest)

Could you be converted?  If you’re still worried about feeling like you’ve stolen an outfit from your kid’s wardrobe go for a more expensive fabric, maybe leather or a coated denim and try wearing them to a grown up event where you can layer a sheer blouse or shirt underneath and stick on a pair of heels.  Once you get used to the feeling, I’m talking fashion and function, you’ll see why dungarees can easily become part of your daily wardrobe, and the ways to wear them become as much fun as playing in your kids dressing up box.

Here’s a few of my favourites.

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