Going Grey

Going grey, not up top, although I am and have been since I was about 13 years old, trouble with being a brunette, anyway I’m talking what we wear not hair.  I LOVE grey, all 50 shades of it and it’s started to filter down through the family.  The hubs has always been a little partial to the grey stuff but now I’m buying grey clothes for both the kids and all our wardrobe are starting to morph into one.

Don’t get me wrong, colour is great and I’m the first to encourage a new colour if you’ve never tried it before, but grey is just so perfect and goes with everything!  As the weather is hopefully starting to warm up you may find your other favourite non-colour, black, might be a little too hash in the warm haze of the sun, so for me grey is the best alternative.

Have a look at how the super stylish stick to grey hues whether it’s work or play, smart or casual.

(All images via Pinterest)

You can see from the above how super chic top to toe grey can look, if you’ve never tried a full colour outfit before (not many people have or do because it can be quite impactful, especially if you’re not looking for oodles of attention) but want to give it a go, grey is a good place to start.

The high street is full to the brim with colour this season, you’ll see lots of pink, red and yellow, but once you go grey you’ll never stray, so here’s some of my high street favourites.

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