Girls Weekend

It’s Friday and I’m allowed out on good behaviour for my fabulous friend’s Hen weekend, believe me when I type ‘I CAN’T WAIT’!

You may have seen on Instagram earlier this week (come find me if you haven’t already @notjustadress) a selection of outfits I was planning for said occasion, so I thought it only fitting that the final post this week be a homage to girls weekend fashion.

It’s always tough planning what to pack for any time away, but when you’re only going for a weekend it’s extremely easy to over-pack when you should be saving space in that holdall for shopping splurges and sneaky bottles of sauvignon.

This weekend we will be cocktail making, beauty treatment-ing, dancing and drinking…..not to mention sleeping and eating in my case as these are things I don’t get to do a lot at home!  If you don’t have a girls weekend planned maybe the below will make you think that you and your besties are deserving of one.

(All images via Pinterest)

No matter what your girls weekend involves; cinema trips, boot camp work outs, shopping or just lounging there are a few key pieces you definitely need in your bag.  The key to packing clever is to make sure your clothing and accessories work in multiple outfit options.  How often have you packed an outfit, got to where you’re going, put it on and hated it for no reason? Then been miserable for the rest of the time because you wish you’d packed X,Y, Z?

What are these key items then I hear you ask?  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourite high street pieces below, but for me it would always be skinny jeans and leather trousers, a killer dress, Stan Smiths and a pair of heels (ok, maybe two), a plain tee and a beautiful blouse, a cute clutch and statement pair of earrings, a leather jacket and a blazer, hoodie or sweatshirt, of course pyjamas and don’t forget to chuck in enough underwear options.  With just a handful of items you can mix and match your way through a weekend of fun and frolics with your female favs.  Now I think I can hear the Prosecco calling, enjoy your weekend lovelies!!

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