All Tied Up

So pay day has been and gone, did you go and have a spend up?  Now is actually quite a good time to do a bit of shopping as there are loads of mid-season sales on, and that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up some big bargains with bags of style.

For some time now the fash pack have been getting all tied up with knot details and you may have already spotted some tie front waist details on tops and dresses, originally I wasn’t hugely keen, but the more the high street has got a grip of this trend the more it’s drawn me in.  It’s now not so much about looking like you have a jumper tied around your waist (as flattering or cool as that can actually be) it’s about all the other ways to get tied up in this trend.  Take a peak at some street style inspo below.

(All images via Pinterest)

With street style pics more than likely showcasing the most obvious way of wearing a trend, remember that the point of ‘inspo’ is of course to take inspiration.  Try not to look at something and think that wouldn’t work for me because…. Instead look for elements that you can pick out and carefully introduce into your everyday wardrobe.

Many of us worry about adding bulk to our frames with extra detailing or fabrics, but this is honestly a great way to help not hinder.  Worn in the right places these knot and tie details can give you a waist if you don’t have one, or enhance that hour-glass shape further.  If it’s just too much for you on clothing there are some unreal footwear and accessory options that have this look all tied up.

Hopefully my super high street selection will show you there are a variety of ways to wear and knot (geddit) have you in a tizz over this trend.

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