Swimwear Issue

When I say swimwear issue what do you think of?  Maybe it’s the biggest and most anticipated issue of Sports Illustrated and of course it’s not hard to see why, have you’ve ever taken a peak?  Or are you like me and think the only issue I have with swimwear is finding the perfect piece.

Two babies in and one coming out the sunroof I’m feeling like my bikini days are well and truly behind me and that’s a massive disappointment as I’m a huge sun worshiper and want minimum tan lines when on hols.  With my holiday countdown firmly counting down I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect one piece.

Now that I’ve got my head round wearing a one piece I’m actually feeling a lot of love for the look, it also helps that many a celeb and fashionista are making the one piece their no1 choice when it comes to swimwear.  I don’t have the superstar body but at least I can have the superstar swimwear style, take a look at some of the fab ways to wear below.

(All images via Pinterest)

If you’ve got it flaunt, no?  Normally you might have thought flaunting it would be by wearing an itsy bitsy teeny weeny, yeah one of those polka dot bikinis, but you can make the most of your best assets in a one piece too.  A swimsuit can enhance your overall shape where in a bikini there is no where to hide!  If you have a gorgeous back go super low, if you give good side boob show it off.  Equally if you need a little support in the tummy department or with the girls up top, you can get all that from the wonderful one piece.

Maybe less really is more when it comes to swimwear?  Plus if you have kids or are more active than me, who is sloth like on the sunbed, then you may benefit in more ways than one.

As with anything seasonal grab them before they’re gone, because by the time the sales roll around I guarantee the size you want will be sold out.  Here are a few of my high street favs.

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