Blinded by the White

When it comes buying a shirt the holy grail has to be a clean, crisp and white.  It’s probably one of the most requested items of clothing that I help clients purchase, in fact it was this very conversation with a lovely client on Sunday that inspired today’s post.

There are a few staples that most people like to have in their wardrobe to make up the basis of many outfits; a good pair of jeans, grey marl tee, a decent blazer and a white shirt.  In all honesty I’m still searching for my ‘perfect’ white shirt, there is something very school girl about a cotton shirt for me, but this season the shirt game has been flipped and I can’t wait to get involved.

Prepare to be dazzled with some wonderful white shirt street styling below.

(All images via Pinterest)

Of course there is the No1 when it comes to white shirts, which is the over-sized, but this season we’re seeing hints of summers’ other big trends encroaching on the white shirt, well not really encroaching, more like a fantastic addition; the over-sized sleeve, ruffles, embroidery, knot detailing, some off the shoulder sexiness and more!!

I don’t think our high street could do the white shirt any more justice this season, you will find everything your heart desires when it comes to this style staple. But, if you’re looking for a shirt that will see you through season after season, layered up over a bikini or under a jumper my advice would be to keep things as clean and simple as the colour palette.

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