With the Band

So, here we are again!  It’s been a while I know, but hopefully it’s worth it with my fresh new look website.  Straight back to business though as my head has been flooded with thoughts of ‘ooh that would be a good blog post’.

I’m no stranger to blogging about the virtues of a good t-shirt (there’s more than a few tee posts in my back catalogue) and we’ve been bombarded by logos, embroidered slogans and sequins galore over the last couple of seasons, but what really rocks my world in the t-shirt department is a good old band tee.  This love affair goes way back for me, circa 1995 when one Christmas my parents hit the jackpot with a Rolling Stones tee that had the tongue covered in rhinestones!  Of course, I still have it and every now and then, try to squeeze in said t-shirt of teenage dreams, but I’ve also expanded my collection.

There is something so laid back and cool about a band tee, it doesn’t need to be ‘in fashion’ or ‘on trend’ to make you feel like you’re absolutely nailing your look that day, plus you’ll actually be able to team it with more of your wardrobe than you expected.  Take a look at the ways these street style hotties work theirs.

(All images via Pinterest)




Of course chucking on a t-shirt over your jeans is the easiest option, but you can see how awesome said same tee looks tucked into a pencil skirt, knotted with a maxi or as an alternative under tailoring, not forgetting full on rock star vibes when worn with leather trews!



I bagged this AC/DC washed out version in one of my fav shopping haunts, TK Maxx for £7.99 and they had offerings a plenty.  It is the perfect addition to my summer festival wardrobe but I’ll be wearing it well into to autumn/winter.  But if you don’t have the time to rummage through the rails I’ve done all the hard work for you, take a peak below.


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