Lust List

I wouldn’t call myself materialistic but I do like ‘things’ and there are always a few ‘things’ floating around in my virtual baskets that I’m considering, mainly considering whether it’s worth the grief from the hubs if it’s not a ‘necessary’ purchase.  These honestly range from clothing, shoes and accessories, to cushion covers, bathroom mirrors or something new to try on the weekly food shop.  I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure most of us have a little something or other that we’re lusting after, so I thought I’d share mine with you this week.

First up, the most utterly divine Ulla Johnson sandals! These first caught my eye back in May on a visit to KJs Laundry, but with a eye popping price tag, were swiftly kept to the confines of my Instagram feed.  Since then they have gone into the sale, with a couple of weddings on the horizon and me feeling like I have nothing to slip my little trotters into maybe, just maybe, I can stalk these out in a size 7!


For a while now Casa Stevens has been having a revamp – which is still going on!  It’s just really the finishing touches, which seem to be the most time consuming, but a big bugbear for me is having no mirror in the downstairs bathroom – I’ve been using the shiny new oven to apply my lip gloss as I run out the door!  So, after searching high and low I’ve come across this beauty in John Lewis and it will definitely be making it off the ‘Lust List’ and on to our wall very soon.

As much as I love fashion I must confess, I’m also a beauty product junkie! And I mean a complete and utter sucker for anything new and fandangled, but last year I had a Skinlab Consultation with Elemis and it’s honestly changed my skincare – for the good.  I didn’t buy EVERYTHING they recommend, you know how the sales pitch goes, but what I did and am now obsessed with is their facial oil.  I started out with the Superfood Facial Oil which is loaded with, well, superfoods, but they’ve just launched two more; a marine oil and a night recovery….Ooohh decisions, decisions!

No ‘Lust List’ is complete without a little something waiting in your Topshop basket.  I’m obsessed with these sliders, I already own them in yellow and have pretty much worn them to death!  Not only are they unbelievably comfortable but not too dissimilar to a pair of Isabel Marant bad boys, and I can’t tell you how often I get asked if that’s what they are.  I can’t bring myself to buy an exact replacement so snakeskin it’ll be, plus I have a 20% Birthday code and it would be a crime to let it go unused.

Lastly I’m on the hunt for a pair or two of itsy, bitsy, silver stud earrings.  Of course they should be simple and easy to find but I’m really struggling, or just fussy?! I need to spend a good amount of time on Etsy and I know I’ll find something there.  Like most of us now, I have multiple ear piercings – Conch, Tragus, Helix and lower lobe, all of which have different earrings in.  With soo many piercings I need something a bit more uniform that won’t weigh me down, so for once in life, the smaller the better!


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