Leather Love

If there is one thing at the top of my shop list this season it’s a pair of leather trousers.  I know it may not sound like the most exciting of items to be lusting after but, for the last few years I’ve managed to bag a couple of really good pairs of ‘pleather’ trousers that do the job quite well – apart from almost cooking me if I wear them at the wrong time or get a little over active in them, but on the whole they look like leather, so why swap?  We all love a bargain, myself included, so when you think about splashing out on clothing it’s more than likely to be on a purchase that’ll give you good cost per wear; a winter coat, boots or handbag, but actually leather trousers can become as important to your everyday wardrobe as your favourite jeans!

Leather trousers may conjure up all sorts of 80’s rock god fashion faux pas but hopefully the above images show that they don’t always have to be skin tight, loaded with zips or even black…Nobody does leather trews better than Kate!  OK, so she’s a supermodel and can pretty much pull off anything, but who’d have thought red leather trousers, animal print and a crisp white shirt could be such a wearable look? If that is a step too far the fashion pack are also showing alot of love for everyday leather looks by teaming their trousers with trainers, denim shirts, chunky knits or camo, and I’d bet that you have at least one or two of those ways to wear in your wardrobe too.

I’ve linked below a selection of lovely leather trousers that have caught my eye, I’m not going to lie, some of the price tags might make you blink in disbelief but even if your credit limit doesn’t stretch they’re still great to gawp at, for research purposes, obvs!

French Connection @ John Lewis £225, H&M £199, Isabel Marant @ Matches Fashion now £462, La Redoute £149, M&S £129, Maje £739, Topshop £199 pink or black, Wallis £150, Hush £345

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