Bikini Body Confident

Morning from a sunny, or not so sunny today, Greece!  I may be on holiday but as the sunshine has decided to call in sick this Monday I’m making the most of it by catching up with you guys.

This isn’t my normal type of post, sorry to disappoint those of you die hard fashion fans, but being around the pool and on the beach with so many other mums, all in swimwear and mum tums on show, got me thinking about bikini body confidence.

It’s a weird one for me, I’m happy to admit I’ve never been 100% about how I look in swimwear, part of the reason I workout (which I do now enjoy) is to ensure I can eat a family bag of Harbio and drink a bottle of wine once a week then still squeeze in my bikini but, when we have a holiday slowing creeping up in the calender, wearing a bikini or swimsuit definitely plays on my mind – a lot.  That I realised is until I actually arrive.

Crash diets and the no eating thing just aren’t for me, I like food too much, so instead I focus a little more on my training in hope that if you squint, and I mean really squint, I may have a relatively flat and wobble free tummy!  In all honesty though once I’m actually in the sun, toes dipped in the deep blue sea and Caipirinha firmly in hand I actually don’t care!

Maybe appreciating and being nice about your body is something that comes with age, maybe it’s because I know that my body has miraculously brought two babies into the world, both in different ways but they’re here nonetheless, or maybe it’s just women now understanding the importance of being nice to each other, complimenting rather comparing?  Whatever it is I’m most definitely feeling it this holiday and I’m hoping I can bring a sense of that back with me…..I think I see the sun peeping through the clouds so time for me to beat the rush for sun beds.

To finish up here’s a few bikini shots (I’m feeling brave) plus some more of my holiday wardrobe.

(Main title bikini image La Redoute)

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