Christmas Countdown with Zaggora

Oooh it’s most definitely on isn’t it, the old Christmas countdown!  For me the countdown is more than making sure I don’t miss the postal deadline for France (otherwise Granny & Gramps miss out on the handmade card from their little monsters), or topping up on last minute stocking fillers, it’s also about maintaining some sort of balance when it comes to my workouts and indulgences over Christmas.

Summer bodies are crafted in the winter, that’s most definitely true, so I try my hardest to workout all year round, especially with a girls holiday on the horizon next summer, but as a freelancer who runs her own business, with a 4 year old and 2 year old who keep me on my toes, squeezing in a visit to the gym is often the first thing to fall of the priority list, so after the school run I come straight home and plan a quick 15 minute hiit workout.

Weirdly I like working out and nothing motivates me to get a sweat on like good looking gym kit, mixing two of my favourite things, fashion and fitness!  I recently met the lovely team at Zaggora and they really know how to do eye catching activewear – with added benefits!  Zaggora have designed a pair of ‘Hot Pants’ that have been crafted from Thermofit heating fabrics that…..wait for it, increase your calorie burn!  What’s not to love about something that looks great and makes you look even better?!

Below you can see me working out at home, with my bossy little P.T, whilst wearing the high rise, zig zag Zaggora Hot Pants.

These leggings really help you get a sweat on.  I was incredibly surprised at the difference it made to my workouts.  I’m not one of those girls who ‘glow’ when they train, I get red and very sweaty, but I like to feel like my effort is worthwhile the Hot Pants intensified this for me.  I’m not now squeezing into my Christmas party outfit of high waisted trousers, nope, those babies are doing up with ease and I’m sure that’s from the extra boost my Zaggora Hot Pants have given my training.

There is a huge range of colours to choose from and the leggings are currently on offer at £59 (normally £84) and the longer length £69 (normally £99) making them a great Christmas gift idea for those women who want to look good, feel good and get great results whilst working out.

Here are a few more of the colour ways, leg lengths and Hot Tanks too.


(Leggings gifted from Zaggora)



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