Payday Purchases

Is January the longest month in the calendar?  Technically I suppose it is one of the longest with 31 days , but when it comes to pay day January definitely stretches you!  There are far too many temptations throughout the first month of a New Year that could cause you to splurge, even though you’ve probably nothing left to play with after Christmas and New Year wipe you out!

Well, the light is finally at the end of that long dark tunnel and we’ve made it to pay day. If you’re off shopping this weekend the high street is full of newness that will make your wallet fall open and your bank card accidentally land in the card machine!  And to top it all off here’s me showing you some of that loveliness!

As usual I’ve had a good browse though all the ‘New In’ sections of ASOS, Zara, Mango and many more, I’ve left behind the sale section (for now) and picked out a few key items I reckon will make a welcome addition to any wardrobe.  I always try to look for pieces that will give my wardrobe life, not just for the now but going forward, so below you’ll find a few trend driven pieces but also items that you can wear now whilst we’re still counting down the days for spring to be sprung!

See anything you like?  Well it’s all linked below to help make your shopping experience easier!

Have a lovely weekend.

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