Obsessed with Olaplex

When it comes to spending money on hair care I have to admit I’ve not been great at it in the past, silly really as I’m the owner of a head full of curly hair.  There have been a couple of styling products I’ve splashed out on but then always tried to find a cheaper alternative.

Back in October I went blonde and knew I’d have to up my hair care game if I wanted to keep my lovely locks looking luscious.  Stupidly I didn’t get on it quick enough and have now suffered some breakage, but this has also led me to discover some awesome new haircare products, and with pride of place on my bathroom shelf is Olaplex.

A couple of friends recommend Olaplex no3 to me (and I now know Kim Kardashian is one of the brands biggest advocates, figures as she is constantly colouring her hair) it’s an at home treatment you can use once or twice a week in-between your colours to help strengthen your hair, and I honestly saw (and felt) results from the first use!

Being a mum-on-the-run I often scrape my hair up and I’m pretty sure that’s affected my curl and now my little girl is just over 18 months any extra mane that pregnancy hormones had given me is definitely disappearing! Olaplex has helped with that too and my curls are looking a lot bouncier again, so you can imagine my excitement when Hob Salon in Epping invited me along to try the full Olaplex treatment!

The Olaplex treatment has three stages to it, with two carried out in the salon.  The whole process probably adds an extra 30 minutes to any treatment (I was having a trim) to your appointment.  The first solution (Olaplex no1) is mixed up and applied to dry hair then brushed through (or mixed in with your colour if you’re having one), the girls then kindly left me for 5 minutes with some magazines.  After that it’s time for the second solution (Olaplex no2) to be applied, this was left on for a good 20 minutes and I was left to finish flicking through my copy of Vogue.  The girls then double washed my hair with System Professional Smoothen Shampoo, finished off with a fab head massage whilst my Hydrate Conditioner was left on.

You can see a super speedy overview of the treatment below.

The end result?  I’m a complete convert and will be adding the treatment into my appointments where possible.  I walked out the salon with a head full of beautiful, bouncy, healthy looking curls (until the heavens opened and I’d left my umbrella in the car..typical!) but also knowing that I was doing something that would help repair and strengthen my hair from the inside out.

So lets talk money.  If you have the treatment as I did it will cost you £35, but teamed with any colour appointment it’s £25, so not cheap especially if you’re also doing the Olaplex no3 at home, but if you’re already willing to put money into your hair with a good colour it needs to be maintained correctly.

My treatment was carried out by Holly and if you fancy booking in for a cut or colour you can receive 50% your first appointment with her by quoting JOSIE when you book.  Give the team at Hob Salon a call, they are a super friendly, gorgeous bunch who made me feel like I was in safe hands whilst I was there, and it’s not often you can say that when someone is coming at your with a pair of scissors!

Hob Salon Epping 01992 667 667


*I received the Olaplex treatment for free*

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