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Fashion is my passion, but I’ve always been a bit of a beauty obsessive, which has only grown and grown as I start to clock up the years.  So when I was invited along to the opening of SK:N Clinics 49th clinic in South Woodford (which is just down the road from me) I was a more than a little excited!

SK:N Clinics have a great track record, we’re talking over 25 years experience, treating over 2 million (yes million) customers and now, 49 clinics across the UK!  The treatments available range from anti-ageing to tattoo and laser hair removal, just to name a few, but when I popped down on the opening day we were treated to a demonstration of the award winning Hydra Facial.  So, the techy stuff, the Hydra Facial is a multi step treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and treat your skin, one brave blogger allowed us to see what was sucked off her face!  Gross I know but I love to see what the physical results are of a facial treatment, other than the dewy skin.  SK:N South Woodford are currently the only salon in the Redbridge area to offer the Hydra Facial if it sounds like something you’re interested in.

Whilst I wasn’t brave enough to be a guinea pig for the facial I did take up the offer of skin analysis with Chelsea, one of the fabulous therapists at SK:N South Woodford.  She took me into one of the treatment rooms where I was introduced to the ‘skin scanner”, which sounds dangerous but it’s just a small machine that you and your therapist pop your faces into on opposite sides, so that they can get a really good close up of you!  It’s best carried out in a darkened room as it uses an ultra violet light to assess your skin.  I’m not going to lie, it was pretty scary putting my face through the curtain, worrying about all the years I’ve used little or no SPF, but none the less it was very useful and Chelsea was able to give me some great recommendations on what I was doing right, wrong and products that would help.  One of which I purchased and I’m very happy with so far.

For me looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, I like to wear make-up and know for my make-up to look the best it possibly can I have to look after my skin first and foremost.  I’ll definitely be popping back to SK:N Clinics South Woodford to top up on products and skincare knowledge soon.

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