Do You Want to Know a Secret?

In all honesty it’s no secret, I’ve blogged about the state of my underwear draws (excuse the unavoidable pun) before, so whilst pounding the pavements of 5th Avenue on our recent break in NYC, I decided it was time I took my first peak inside  Victoria’s Secret.

Most of my underwear is from Primark or H&M, I’m a cotton thong and t-shirt bra kinda girl, boring I know, but I prefer to spend my money on what you get to see on the outside and not whether I’m all matchy matchy underneath.  I wasn’t always so straight up and practical though, it’s probably since I’ve had kids that underwear has fallen to the bottom of the list when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, and I’d not been measured in years!  Victoria’s Secret had always been somewhere I have avoided, too lacey I thought, with tiny cups and fussy stuff, but a few friends recently mentioned really good things about how well the bras in VS fit, and when it comes to underwear inspo, as to how you’d hope to look in your undercrackers, I can’t think of anybodies better than those Angels.  So, with a deep breath into the darkness I went.

I shouldn’t have been so nervous, the first sales lady I came across was lovely (I know they have to be but it felt genuine).  She talked to me about what I wanted, what size I was currently wearing and of course, why I’d never ventured into a VS before.  I wear a 34DD but according to my fitting in the Victoria Secret’s changing room I should be wearing a 34DDD….SAY WHAT?!  The whole process was really relaxed and once I’d discovered some bras that I liked it was really easy to navigate such a huge store and find my sizes, styles and colour variations.

I bought two of the new in, summer styles, one was a front fastening bra with beautiful halter back detailing, totally out of my comfort zone but actually fitted really well.  The other was from the Perfect Coverage range which comes in 14 different colour ways!  And for once, I bought matching knickers too!

Overall I was pleasantly surprised at what a nice shopping experience I had finally updating my underwear in Victoria’s Secret.  If like me you’ve not been anywhere near one of their stores for fear of spilling out everywhere and not fitting the typical VS Angels body shape you can firmly forget those worries.  There is a the huge range of styles and sizes, at reasonable prices and lots of offers to be found online and in-store.  It’s definitely worth taking the plunge!

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