Monday Musings

I’m getting good at these last minute ‘Monday Musings’! I don’t mean for them to be last minute, and please don’t think that any less effort goes into them, it’s literally on my mind all day to get the post posted, but the last two Monday’s have just been a bit of a whirlwind.  Last week I was enjoying my last slice of NYC (which has influenced one of today’s musings) before flying back on the red eye, and of course today is Bank Holiday Monday in the UK, but I just couldn’t let another Monday Musings slide.  So, with no further ado, let’s get this started!

The colour of the day, if not the whole of this weekend has got to be yellow.  Thanks to that beautiful, big ball of bright yellow light in the sky everyone has had a little bit of a glimmer or glow about them, so when this t-shirt from Topshop popped up on my screen I just knew it had to be included.  It also ticks the slogan/logo tee box that remains strong this summer.

Next up, the NYC inspired item.  I was hoping to go ‘wild in the aisles’ down 5th Ave, sorry to disappoint but there’s nothing much to report from the return of my suitcase.  The main purchase I was hoping to pick up was a pair of Levi’s  and in my usual style more is more, so I left with not one but two pairs of jeans, Wedgie fit and a skinny fit pair of 501’s.  I’m now Levi’s obsessed and I’m on the hunt for that summer (and festival fashion) essential, 501, denim cut offs.  They are everywhere once you start looking, Ebay, Etsy, your local vintage or preloved boutique,  but you can always trust good old ASOS to deliver if you’re in a hurry.

And if you’ve been soaking up the sun this weekend, whether that’s at home or away you need to SPFing the body and the face!  Anything is better than nothing but I’m a huge fan of this Clarins UV+ SPF50 lotion.  It’s not only necessary to protect you skin in the sunnier months as city living and pollution can effect your skin all year round.  This product is great as you can mix it in with your moisturiser (if it doesn’t have an SPF already) and absorbs into the skin well.  Best of all, a little goes a long way, so this small bottle will last longer than you imagine.

I don’t feel like a ‘Monday Musings’ passses without me mentioning Cult Gaia, but I’ve been looking for the perfect summer bag and for me it has to be this Luna bamboo shoulder bag available at Net-a-Porter.  I don’t even think I need to tell you why I love it so much, I’ll let the picture do that talking – hopefully you’ll see this swinging from my shoulder soon!!

Lastly, a huge splash of colour in a bright hue most people think they can’t wear – green!  This swishy number was bought to my attention by one of my favourite clients when we were having a quick flick through the ME+EM mail-out.  What makes this dress such a show stopper is not just it’s vivid emerald loveliness, but the versatility in which you can wear it, be that with crisp, clean trainers or sky high stilettos.

So that’s me for this Monday Musings, I hope the sunshine stays and the rest of this week swoops by ready for another a scorcher next weekend!!

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