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Isn’t Monday so much more bearable when it arrives with a healthy dose of vitamin D?  And of course your weekly dose of Monday Musings.  This week I’m going beauty and skincare heavy, with products that I always pack in my holiday wash bag.  Of course fashion is my fav subject of choice, but you can always buy clothing and return them with no hassle, when it comes to beauty products you’re committed once it’s open and there’s no going back.  Sharing is caring isn’t it so passing on beauty recommendations is often how I find my way to my must-have products.

First up I have to start with my French pharmacy essentials, and there are two that I buy again and again (and again), both of which are also now available in the UK – just at double the price!  Caudalie Beauty Elixir comes everywhere with me and especially if I’m on a flight.  In just a couple of spritz (and trust me, you’ll want more, it smells so divine) this elixir helps smooth away fine lines, tightens pores and will set your make-up, ensuring you look fab from take off to landing.  The other essential that goes in my liquids bag is Embroylisse lait-creme concentre, I use this to take my make-up off, as a primer before I put make up on and also as an overnight mask when needed – what’s not to love about one tube that’s as multifunctional as this one is?!

If you’re looking for skincare that’s a bit more wallet friendly and still has all the benefits of the more expensive ranges then look no further that Your Good Skin from Boots.  I adore the Comforting Gel Cleanser, which cleans every scrap of make-up off my skin without leaving that tight feeling behind.  I also love the texture and how it glides on to the skin.  Along with that I’ve been using both the ProVitamin Overnight Cream and the SPF 30 Anti-Oxident Day Cream, I can’t tell you how incredibly healthy my skin looks, even without any make-up on.  At these prices you’d be crazy not to give the range a go.

When it comes to make-up I don’t like anything too heavy, I worry about it settling into the dreaded lines that have now started to appear, so when it comes to foundation it actually more likely to be a tinted moisturiser.  I know this isn’t for everyone but the Clinique Moisture Surge Tinter Moisturiser gives good coverage and the added bonus of an SPF, perfect for those times you want to look put together but without a full on face.  Finish off that dewy look with a sweep of bronzer, I prefer a matt bronzer to the shimmery ones and Guerlain get it just right whatever your preference.  They may be expensive but last forever and the colour is very natural.

When it comes to looking after your hair, whether at home or on hols, it has to be Olaplex for me.  You can read about the treatment I had in HOB salon Obsessed with Olaplex, which will also tell you about the supremely famous Olaplex no3 home treatment.  I slather this stuff on all the time and I can truly see and feel the difference it’s made.

Finally with all those liquids in my case I panic about arriving on the other side and my favourite holiday dress being ruin by an almighty spillage from all my lotions and potions.  I’m always on the hunt for ways that are safe and secure to decant half of my bathroom cabinet into holiday friendly tubes, and came across Doddle Bags.  If you’re a parent you may have already discovered this clever brand as they create reusable bags that are perfect for little ones meals on the go, painting and playtime but also your holiday liquid essentials.  I’m a fan of the flip top set that comes in a pack of four.

So that’s me for another week, I hope you enjoyed the beauty focus on this Mondays’, Monday Musings, and you know I would love to hear what your beauty essentials are.  See you next time!

Embryolisse £20, Caudalie £32, Guerlain @ Selfridges £40, Doddle Bags £9.99, Your Good Skin @ Boots £6.99 & £7.99, Clinique £25, Olaplex @ Look Fantastic  £32.


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  1. Ooh, hope you’re having a fab time! I love Embryolisse cream..super moisturising and agree on a Matt bronzer . Must try Olaplex as my highlights will dry out when I go on hols soon.

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