Monday Musings

Today I bring you my Monday Musings with a healthy dose of Grrrrrr!  Don’t be alarmed, the Grrrr comes in the form of a print that 99.9% of the female population love and that 99.9% of the male population don’t get (although don’t quote me on those stats!), yep, it’s leopard print.

I find that leopard is basically a neutral in my wardrobe, as in it goes with everything, and I think that’s the part the guys don’t get.  I have an incredible pair of leopard print trousers from Ganni that get a lot of love from the female species whenever I wear them.  The hubs on the other hand affectionately calls them my PBs, Pat Butchers, which actually I’ll take.  I’m sure some of you will read LEOPARD and NEUTRAL and think what planet is she on,  but trust me, this jungle inspired print pretty much works for every outfit option and situation, and once the print gets it’s claws into you there is no going back!

Season after season the high street comes up with new ways to wear this popular print, so you’ll never be disappointed when you’re on the hunt for a little leopard.  As an advocate of more is always more, my love for leopard (and this post) could go on forever.  Instead I’ll leave you with five of my favs including these PrettyLittleThing trousers that are very similar to my Ganni ones, and I’ll link them all for your shopping pleasure below.

Free People @ ASOS, Mango, River Island, Zara, PrettyLittleThing


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