What, Wear, Who Cares?!

This is a bit of a different post for me as I tend to blog about trends a lot, it’s a given when talking about fashion of course, especially around the time of year when seasons change and Fashion Weeks’ are on the horizon, but how much do we really care about ‘the trends’?

If you love fashion it’s always exciting seeing what the big design houses send down the catwalk as where they go the high street is sure to follow, with a little (or a lot) of that ending up in our wardrobes.  When you shop are you specifically looking for trend led pieces all the time, buying what makes you comfortable or a bit of both?  Most of us probably do mange to combine the two, if you don’t it can be really hard to pull together an outfit of any kind, and whilst it’s great to have a go to outfit that makes you feel like you’re nailing the seasons hottest looks, dressing for you and not everyone else is much more stylish than any pair of cowboy boots (big for AW18 – FYI).

I work with lots of people who have lost their way with fashion (I’m a Personal Stylist), and it’s not that they were really into it to begin with, but sometimes we are bombarded with soo much around what to wear, how to dress or what the hottest must-have item is, that it’s really easy to lose you and how you like to dress.  It can also create a feeling of not being on-trend enough and needing to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, trust me when I say this is never the case and I see it time and time again with new clients.  If anything it’s the complete opposite, we all seem to have huge wardrobes now and rather than shopping from what we already own many of us like to nip out and buy something new, before realising once home that you have that something in a very similar style already in your wardrobe – sound familiar?

So, whilst me and various others may give you ideas on what’s hot and what’s not each season don’t feel rushed into purchasing.  Use the magazines, blogs, instagram, even your friends outfits as inspiration and check what you’ve got before you head out to buy.  We all like new and sparkly but isn’t it better when you’re getting good cost per wear out of what your already have, and don’t run the risk of bumping into someone wearing exactly the same dress?

It may take a bit of time to sift through your wardrobe but in the long run it might save you money and make you realise that you’re already on trend and very stylish without trying, along with discovering some long lost clothing gems.

All that said and done here’s some gorgeousness to come from the high street this autumn/winter.


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