Doing It Dad Style

Every now and then a fashion trend comes along that makes you want to puke! But then the more and more you see it the more you realise how it could actually become a very wearable part of your wardrobe…Queue the dad trainer.  If you’re worried this is trainer trend too far for you (as I did to begin with – I’m a die hard Stan Smith fan) trust me when I say there is a way for us all to wear.  If you prefer something a little easier on the eye or with a feminine edge opt for pastel shades or metallic highlights.  For the purists out there stick with what you know and go white on white, but if you’re feeling brave be as bold as you dare when it comes to colour combos.

Everyone from the high end to the high street has something special to offer, the only difference being the price tag!  The fash pack are favouring the likes of Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton or Chanel as you’d expect, but for those of us with champagne taste and lemonade money fear not, as all our high street favs are flying the footwear flag when it comes to these not for training trainers.

I came across a pair in Primark for a mere £14 that are a phenomenal Balenciaga rip off (especially if you swap the laces), but unfortunately for big foot here they only had small sizes and no matter how hard I squeezed it just wasn’t working, so my search for the perfect Dad sneaker continues.

In the meantime here are a few I’m favouring and all directly linked for easy purchasing.

Carvela, Ganni, Nasty Gal, Adidas

Nike, Zara, New Look, EGO

(main image Primark)

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