Oooooh Baby Baby – Zara Maternity

If you’re a regular reader of the blog (and I hope you are), you’ll probably know that my love for a certain Spanish fashion brand runs extremely deep.  Well that love has just got a little deeper after stumbling across ZARA’s maternity range on the website this week!

No, I’m not having a baby, but having harvested two little ones myself I understand the struggle to find good jeans (to deal with that big bump), well fitting tops (to cover up the big bazookas), a dress for the Christmas party (let’s not even discuss stretched sequins) so trust me when I say this collection is a god send for those with baby bumps.

I found with my first pregnancy that I didn’t start to show until at least 20-25 weeks, and then still managed to get away with most of my own wardrobe or just a couple of oversized shirts.  When it came to number 2 my body knew how to expanded (and it did), I’m pretty sure I was in maternity jeans from 12 weeks!  But being pregnant doesn’t last forever, even if it feels like it does, so of course you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a whole new wardrobe that may only get one outing!

Zara have absolutely nailed this autumn/winter maternity collection, you’ll find it in the ‘Corner Shops‘ section of the website and trust me when I say the style stakes have not been forsaken just because it’s a maternity range.  There is a dress below I’m seriously wondering whether I could get away with purchasing, the prints are on trend, the colour palette is gorgeous and cohesive making it easy to buy multiple items for mixing and matching, and, there is a load of cool accessories too!

Don’t believe the hype?  Well take a peak below at some of my favourite items, hit up the website and make it top of your shops if you’re pregnancy wardrobe is making your feel as queasy as your morning sickness.

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