Monday Musings

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content so they say, whoever they are, and I’m not one to boast but we had a pretty content Sunday so I’m expecting good things this week.  I’m currently on the hunt for some new additions to our cushion collection, actually it’s looking like a whole new collection is needed rather than just a scattering of newness, but whilst the kids were quiet for 5 minutes (read that as fighting out of earshot) I was having a good old browse around my favourite high street homewear websites.

So, I didn’t actually buy any cushions, although I do have a fair few saved in my shopping baskets that are in need of a revisit at some point this week, I was however unfortunately (or fortunately) hugely distracted by an area of the Zara Home website that I’ve never really paid much attention to before.  With the cold winter nights definitely drawing in today’s Monday Musings is jam-packed with my new love – loungewear.

Now that my evenings are more chill out than out out my wardrobe has of course had to adapt, and although it needs to be comfortable I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look good too, you know for the sofa and the TV etc.  What REALLY caught my eye with the Zara loungewear is that it is of course gorgeous enough to work well with your real world wardrobe.  There is a night dress below I’m considering buying and stashing for my next holiday (it’ll make a great little swimwear cover up), then there’s the endless supply of silky, wide leg trousers that would be perfect whether you’re at work, rest or play.  Couple this gorgeousness with cottons, silks and cashmere fabrications and for me it the dream downtime dress up.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces but make sure you check out the whole collection yourself as there is much, much more.   And with Christmas looming there are some great gift ideas, especially for someone who loves to find a new pair of PJS under the tree every year.

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