Feeling the Freeze

Yesterday I had one of those ‘feel the fear but do it anyway’ moments.  There’s not much I get nervous about, I think going on live TV has helped me get over any normal fear of what might happen, but yesterday I willingly decided to put myself in a chamber where the average temperature plummets to -90 degrees, with the fabulous team at Resetcryo Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is popular and well used among athletes as the quicker, easier alternative to hopping in an ice bath, helping to relieve the muscle pains and soreness intense training causes.  It can be helpful for skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne, offer pain relief from rheumatoid diseases, add to that enhanced sleep quality, mood boosting endorphins and anti-ageing benefits, I was most definitely intrigued.

ResetCryo in Sawbridgeworth only opened last month (September 2018) and there is nothing else like it in the Essex/Hertfordshire area, also rivalling London’s Cryotherapy offerings in technology and price.  You may be familiar with the spaceship looking Cryo machines where your head sticks out but your body is submerged, but at Resetcryo Cryotherapy it’s a whole body chamber, you’re completely immersed for 3 whole minutes in Antarctic temperates, wearing not much more than a sports bra and shorts!

Everything you could want or need to feel the freeze is catered for with the team at ResetCryo.  You will wear special socks, slippers, gloves and a headband for your ears that also have built-in headphones, meaning you get to choose your favourite song to help you focus, or do as I did and dance around, whilst you are in the chamber.  They also have shorts, sports bras and snuggly robes (in all sizes) to help you warm up once your minutes are up.

So let’s talk about those minutes.  I did 3 the hubs went for 4, there is a stop clock on the wall opposite the chamber so you can keep an eye on your time.  I’m not going to lie, around 2:30 I was giving myself a bit of a pep talk and when I saw Alex (who is an athlete herself and a fountain of knowledge on Cryo) getting my exit robe ready I knew I was on the home straight.  But it still didn’t make those final few seconds easy.

Once those doors open and you’re back in the real (and warm) world I felt totally buzzing and wide awake.  The day after my skin looks great, and really bright, which has got me thinking I’ll go back for the facial they offer shortly.

If you want to know more make sure you check out the website ResetCryo or have a look for the team on Instagram and Facebook.  You can currently pick up 4 sessions in 14 days for £100 or £240 unlimited use for a month, making it only £20 a session if you do 3 in a week.

*We paid for our treatments with a discount

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